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About the Assessment:

The Ortiz PVAT is the first receptive vocabulary assessment that can be used to fairly and accurately assess both English speakers and English learners. With unique dual norms (English Speaker norms as well as English Learner norms that control for exposure to English), the Ortiz PVAT makes it possible to evaluate an individual from any language background, determine whether an individual’s English vocabulary performance follows expected patterns (as either a native English speaker or an English learner), or rather, is suggestive of a language problem or disorder.

Delivered in a fully digital format, the Ortiz PVAT represents a new direction in fair and standardized receptive vocabulary assessment that allows any practitioner to make valid diagnostic and intervention decisions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Assess both English Speakers and English Learners (irrespective of their primary language) accurately with one, user-friendly test
  • Easy administration in English to allow for use by any English-speaking practitioner
  • Exposure to English controlled for in the creation of the assessment’s English Learner norms
  • Digital format with fully computerized administration and scoring, with built in basal and ceiling
  • Ecologically valid visual stimuli using photographs of real objects/actions and pre-recorded audio for target word presentation with neutral pronunciation and voicing
  • Psychometrically equivalent parallel forms (Form A and Form B) for progress monitoring (included in software; no separate purchase necessary)

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