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  • Access to the the Ortiz PVAT software for 30 days
  • 2 free uses including scoring
  • Interpretive reports available for each evaluation with easy-to-read results and intervention strategies
  • A complimentary MHS Online Assessment Center+ account

Please note: Once your account is activated, the trial software licence will automatically expire after 30 days. To discuss options once you have completed your 30 day free trial, please contact your MHS consultant or client services at customerservice@mhs.com. Visit mhs.com/OrtizPVAT for current information, events, and prices.

System requirements: The Ortiz PVAT is available for iOS, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 devices

About the Assessment:

The Ortiz PVAT is the first receptive vocabulary assessment that can be used to fairly and accurately assess both English speakers and English learners. With unique dual norms (English Speaker norms as well as English Learner norms that control for exposure to English), the Ortiz PVAT makes it possible to evaluate an individual from any language background, determine whether an individual’s English vocabulary performance follows expected patterns (as either a native English speaker or an English learner), or rather, is suggestive of a language problem or disorder.

Delivered in a fully digital format, the Ortiz PVAT represents a new direction in fair and standardized receptive vocabulary assessment that allows any practitioner to make valid diagnostic and intervention decisions.

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