About the Assessment:

Use the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test - Individual (NNAT-I) to assess general ability in children and adolescents.  With quick and easy administration, it measures ability using diagrams and in a way that does not require verbal skills.  Due to the simplicity of directions and the minimal use of language required to solve the items, the NNAT-I requires minimal motor requirements and is ideal for use with examinees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the deaf and hard of hearing, and those with low or high ability.

Key Features and Benefits

  • NNAT-I is especially appropriate to use for identification of gifted students, especially those from diverse backgrounds.
  • Uses progressive matrices, which are fair for all examinees, those with hearing impairments, and those with impaired color vision.
  • Ideal for children who do not speak English as their first language-requires no reading, writing, or speaking (examinees just point to the answer they believe is correct).

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