Call for data from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, organizational leaders, and students.

MHS is developing a revision of the Entrepreneur EDGE and is seeking individuals to take a complimentary assessment.

The Entrepreneur EDGE can help you evaluate your potential for success and satisfaction in your chosen enterprise. This information can help whether you are starting your business, funding your business, growing your business, or recharging your business.

We are seeking individuals over the age of 18 who are:

  • Entrepreneurs (own and operate their own business)
  • Intrapreneurs (work in a company and are officially responsible for creating something new or solving problems using entrepreneurial skills)
  • Leaders (who have any number of direct reports)
  • Students of entrepreneurial programs

In return for completing this 20 minute online survey, participants will be provided with a report on their entrepreneurial and leadership competencies.

If you're interested in taking part in this study, click here.


Click here for FAQs on this call for data on the Entrepreneur Edge.

If you'd like information regarding the product, release date and/or data collection, please contact Sarah Ahmed at sarah.ahmed@mhs.com.


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