mhs_assessments_logo_BLUE_Small-size_RThe following software components will be retired throughout 2019, please note these components are strictly related to Version 5. and Psych Manager.

We will continue to update this page with more information on the components to be discontinued, including specific dates. Please bookmark and visit this page for ongoing updates.




Anger Disorders Scale (ADS)

  • ADS V.5 Software kit (ADS51)
  • ADS V.5 Profile Reports (ADS52)
  • ADS52 ADS V.5 Profile Reports (ADS52)
  • ADS V.5 Interpretive Reports (ADS53)  
  • ADS V.5 Preview (ADS54)  
  • ADS Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (ADS55) 
  • ADS:S Data Entry Sheets-Short (50/pkg) (ADS56)    
Available on paper, online to follow

Butcher Treatment Planning Inventory (BTPI)

  • BTPI  Interpretive Reports (min 25 uses) (BTP520)
  • BTPI  Full Form Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg: item b) (BTP54)
Available on paper

Carroll Depression Scales (CDS)

  • CDS002 CDS-R V.5 Profile Report (CDS002)
  • CDS-R V.5 Profile Report (min.50 Uses) (CDS002)
  • Brief CDS V.5 Profile Report (min.50 Uses) (CDS003)
  • CDS V.5 Preview Version (CDS004)
  • CDS-R Manual (CDS20B)

Children's Depression Inventory (CDI)

  • CDI V.5 Profile Reports (min. 50 uses) (CDI510) 
  • CDI-Short Data Entry Sheets (CDIS0L)
  • CDI Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (CDIP0L)
Replacement CDI 2 available on MAC+

Clarke Sex History Questionnaire for Males-Revised (SHQ-R)

  • CSQ020 SHQ-R V.5 Comprehensive Report (CSQ020
  • SHQ-R V.5 Comprehensive Reports (CSQ020)
  • SHQ-R V.5 Preview Version (CSQ030)     
  • SHQ V.5 Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CSQ04)

Computer-Assisted SCID-Clinician Version (CAS-CV)

  • CAS-CV Preview Version (CD-ROM) (XCATD0)
  • CAS-CV Software Manual (XCVSMC)
  • CAS-CV Reports (PML) (XCVUS0)

Computer-Assisted SCID II Expert System (CAS-II ES) 

  • SCID II PQ Installation (Unlim.) (XSIINS)

Computerized Test of Information Processing (CTIP)

  • CTIP Technical /Software Manual (CTIP50)
  • CTIP V.5 Software Kit (CTIP51)
  • CTIP V.5 Software Installation (CTIP52)

Conners' Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS)

  • CAARS : V.5 Profile Report Uses (CAR510)
  • CAARS : V.5 Profile Report U (CAR510)   
  • CAARS : V.5 Interpretive Report Uses (CAR520)    
  • CAARS : V.5 Preview Version (CAR540)
  • CAARS-S:L Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR550)
  • CAARS-S:S Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR560)
  • CAARS-S:SV Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR570)   
  • CAARS-O:L Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR580)
  • CAARS-O:S Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR590)   
  • CAARS-O:SV Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (CAR610)


Available on paper, MAC +

Conners' Continuous Performance Test II Version 5 for Windows (CPT II V.5)

  • CPT II V.5 Technical Guide/Software Manual (CPTW10)
  • CPT II V.5 Installation (CPTW7)   
Replacement CPT 3 available on Scoring Software

Conners' Rating Scales-Revised (CRS-R) 

  • Conners' Web Version Profile Report (CRSR03)
  • Conners' Web Version Interpretive Report (CRSR04
Replacement Conners 3 available on paper, MAC+

Conners' Kiddie Continuous Performance Test Version 5 (K-CPT™ V.5)

  • K-CPT to K-CPT V5 Upgrade (KCPT50)
  • K-CPT V5 Technical Guide and Software Manual (KCPT60)
  • K-CPT V.5 Installation (w/manual ) (KCPT70)
  • K-CPT V.5 Installation (install only) (KCPT71)
  • K-CPT V5 Preview Version (w/manual) (KCPT80)
  • K-CPT V5 Preview (uses only) (KCPT81)
  • CPT II V5 plus K-CPT V5 Installations (KCPT90)
Replacement K-CPT 2 available on Scoring Software

Diagnostic Interview for Children & Adolescents-IV (DICA-IV)


DTREE: the DSM-IV™ Expert

  • DTREE Manual Covers (DTREECVR)
  • DTREE Installation (XDTINS)

Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS)

  • DAS for Windows Manual (XDASMA)
  • DAS for Windows Preview Kit (CD-ROM) (XDAKTF)
  • DAS for Windows Profile Report (XDAP00)  
Available on paper

Emotional Quotient Inventory: Youth Version (BarOn EQ-i:YV)

  • EQ-i :YV V.5 Preview Version (EQYV3)
  • EQ-i: YV Data Entry Sheets (EQYV4)
  • EQ-i: YV(S) Data Entry Sheets (EQYV5)
  • EQ-i :YV V.5 Profile Reports (min purchase of 50 uses) (EQYV52)  
Currently available on MAC site, will be available on MAC+

Family Assessment Measure (FAM-III)

  • FAM-III Gen. Scale Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (FA3P0O)
  • FAM-III Dyadic Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (FA4P0O
  • FAM-III Self-Rating Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (FA5P0O)
  • Brief FAM Gen. Scale Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (FAM6PO)
  • Brief FAM Dyadic Data Entry Sheets(50/Pk) (FAM7PO)
Currently available on MAC site, will be available on MAC+

GAF Report 

  • GAF Software Manual (GAFMNB)
  • GAF for Windows Installation (XGAFIN)

Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) 2nd Edition

  • PCL-R : 2nd Ed. V.5 Preview Version (PCLR53)
  • PCL-R : 2nd Ed. V.5 Software Kit (PCLR54)
Available on paper, will be available on GEARS

Health Dynamics Inventory (HDI)

  • HDI V.5 Interpretive Report Kit (HDI51)
  • HDI V.5 Interpretive Reports (min 25 uses) (HDI52
  • HDI- P Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (HDI54)
  • HDI- S Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (HDI55)  
  • HDI V.5 Health Summary Report (min 25 uses) (HDI56)  
  • HDI V.5 Health Summary Report Kit (HDI57)
Available on paper

HELP Assert


HELP Stress: Adult and Youth Versions 


HELP Self-Regard: Adult and Youth Versions

  • Self Regard Covers (SRCVR)
  • HELP-Self-Regard Adult 24 Slots (Use) (XHEUS3)
  • HELP-Self-Regard Adult 6 Slots (Use) (XHEUSR)

HELP Think: Adult and Youth Versions

  • HELP-Think Adult/Youth Manual (XHTMNL)
  • HELP-Think Adult Preview (Uses) (XHTPRV)
  • HELP-Think Youth 6 Slots (Uses) (XHYTU1)


Holden Psychological Screening Inventory (HPSI)

  • HPSI : V.5 Reports (Uses) (HPS61)
  • HPSI Data Entry Sheets (HPS63)
  • HPSI : V.5 Preview Version (HPS62)
Available on paper

Jesness Behaviour Checklist (JBC)

  • JBC for Windows Interpretive Report (Uses) (XJBCI0)
Available on paper

Jesness Inventory 

  • JI Interpretive Report for Windows (Uses) (XJI100)
  Replacement JI-R available on MAC site, will be available on MAC+

Jesness Inventory-Revised (JI-R)

  • JI-R V.5 Software Kit (JI180)
  • JI-R V.5 Profile Report (JIR021)
  • JIR021 JI-R V.5 Profile Report (JIR021)
  • JI-R V.5 Preview Version (JIR022
  • JI-R V.5 Interpretive Reports (JIR024)
  • JIR024 JI-R V.5 Interpretive Reports (JIR024)
  • JI-R V.5 Computer Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (JIR023)
  • JI-R Scoring Templates (JIR006)
Available on MAC site, will be available on MAC+

Learning and Memory Battery (LAMB)

  • LAMB Score for Windows (XLA1T0)
  • LAMB Software Manual (XLAMN0)

Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R)

  • LSI-R Version 5.0 for MHS Tool Suite Profile Report (LSI51)
  • LSI-R Version 5.0 for MHS Tool Suite Profile Report Uses (LSI51)
  • LSI-R:Software Kit (LSIS0)
  • LSI-R Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (LSI2PQ)  
  • LSI-R Version 5.0 for MHS Tool Suite Preview (with 3 uses) (LSI52)
LS/CMI available on GEARS

Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI)

  • LS/CMI V.5 Preview Version (LSCM53)
  • LS/CMI V.5 Profile Reports (LSCM52)  
  • LS/CMI V.5 Software Kit (LSCM51)                 

Available on GEARS

Level of Service Inventory-Revised: Screening Version (LSI-R:SV)

  • LSI-R:SV: V.5 Profile Reports (LSS510)
Available on GEARS

Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

  • MSCEIT Personal Summary Report (MSC101)
  • MSCEIT V.5 Resource Report (MSC12)
  • MSCEIT V.5 Preview Version (MSC102)
  • MSCEIT Data Entry Sheets (MSC103)
Currently available on TA Portal

Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS)

  • MPS Profile Report (min 50) (MPS503)
  • MPS Data Entry Sheets (50/pk) (MPS505) 
  • MPS V.5 Software Kit (MPS506)  
Available on MAC site ,will be available on MAC+

Paulhus Deception Scales (PDS) 

  • PDS for Windows Reports (XPDSW0
Available on MAC site, will be available on MAC+

Psychological/Social History Report 

  • PSH for Win. Installation (Unlim.) (XPSINS)
  • PSH for Windows Manual (XPSMNL)
  • PSH for Windows Preview Uses (3) (XPSPRV)

SCID Screen Patient Questionnaire (SSPQ)

  • SCID Screen PQ Extended Install (Unlim.) (XSSEIN)
  • SCID Screen PQ/SSPQ Ext. Manual (XSSUGD)

SCID II Patient Questionnaire (SCIDII PQ)

  • SCID-II Questionnaire with Interview (5/pk) (SCID7A)

SCIP Screen Patient Questionnaire - Extended (SSPQ-X)

  • SCID Screen PQ Extended Install (Unlim.)  (XSSEIN)
  • SCID Screen PQ/SSPQ Ext. Manual (XSSUGD)

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)

  • STAI Scoring Key (ST3P0D)
  • STAI for Windows Preview (CD-ROM) (XSTAP0)
  • STAI for Windows Profile Report (XSTPRO)

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children (STAIC)

  • STAIC for Win. Software Manual (STAIM0)
  • STAIC for Win. Preview (CD) (STAIT0)
  • STAIC for Windows Profile Reports (STAIW0)

Symptom Assessment-45 (SA-45)

  • SA-45 V.5 Profile Reports (SA4502)  
  • SA4502 SA-45 V.5 Profile Reports (SA4502)
  • SA-45 V.5 Preview Version (SA4503)
  • SA-45 Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (XSAS0I)
  • SA-45 for Windows Reports (PML) (XSAW01)       
Available on paper

Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM)

  • TOMM for Windows Preview (CD-ROM) (XTOMP0)
  • TOMM for Windows Preview Kit (CD-ROM) (XTOMT0)
  • TOMM for Windows Report (PML) (XTOMW0)
  • XTOMW0 TOMM for Windows Reports (PML) (XTOMW0)
Available on paper; TOMM 2 coming in 2020

Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI)

  • YLS/CMI V.5 Profile Report (Uses) min purchase of 10 (YLS11)     
  • YLS/CMI V.5 Preview Version (YLS12)
  • YLS/CMI :SV V.5 for MHS Tool Suite Profile Report (Uses) (YLSV01)
Available on GEARS